CNC Drilling Shearing and Marking Machine for Angles Steel

Product is mainly used for drilling and stamping of large size and high strength angle profile material in power transmission line towers. High quality and precision work accuracy, high production efficiency and automatic working, cost effective, necessary machine for tower manufacture. Service and guarantee

Products Details

NO. Item Parameter
ADM3635 BL3536 ADM2532 BL2532
  Angle size 140 *140 *10 mm - 360 *360 *35 mm 140 *140 *10 mm- 250 *250 *32 mm/
  Range of stadia 50mm-330mm (stepless) 50mm-220mm (stepless)
  The quantity of drilling cow per side Arbitrariness
  Quantity of drilling spindle per side 3
  Range of drilling diameter (hard metal) φ17.5 mm~ φ40mm φ17.5 mm ~ φ26mm
  Quantity of CNC axis 9 3 9 3
  Max length of angle 12 m
  Angle feeding speed 40 m/min
  Marking Force 1030KN
No. Name Brand Country
1 AC Servo motor Panasonic/Siemens Japan/Germany
2 Linear Guides Hiwin/CSK Taiwan China
3 Flexible coupling KTR Germany
4 Rotary joint Dublin USA
5 Hydraulic valve ATOS/Yuken Italy/Japan
6 Pneumatic combined unit SMC/AirTAC Japan/Taiwan China
7 Air valve AirTAC Taiwan China
8 Cylinder AirTAC Taiwan China
9 CPU Mitsubishi Japan
10 Positioning module Mitsubishi Japan
11 Double vane pump Albert USA
  Orientation module Yokogawa Japan
12 Program controller Yokogawa Japan
13 Proximity switch AUTONICS Korea
14 Electromagnetic valve ATOS/Yuken Italy
15 Relief valve ATOS/Yuken Italy
16 Pressure reducing valve ATOS/Yuken Italy
Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can’t supply the components in case of any special matter.1. High degree of automation. The production line is equipped with automatic feeding device and transverse feeding conveyor. 2. All the holes and marking numbers/character on the angle material can be processed by the production line at one time automatically. 3. The positioning precision of hole making is very high. 4. Drilling efficiency and drilling quality are high. The drilling unit is equipped with six groups of CNC drilling power. 5. There are three drilling groups on each side of the angle material. 6. The drilling spindle is equipped with disc spring automatic broach mechanism. 7. The handle is very convenient. 8. MQL (minimum quantities of lubricant) cooling system is the most advanced cooling system in the world.

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