PLD3020N Gantry Mobile CNC Plate Drilling Machine

It is mainly used for drilling plate in steel structures such as buildings, bridges and iron towers. It can also be used for drilling tube plates, baffles and circular flanges in boilers and petrochemical industries. This machine tool can be used for mass continuous production, also can be used for multi variety small batch production. It can store a large number of processing program, produced plate, next time out can also process the same kind of plate. Service and guarantee

Products Details

Plate size Plate overlap thickness Max. 100mm
Width × length 3000mm×2000mm One piece
1500mm×2000mm Two pieces
1000mm×1500mm Four Pieces
Principal axis Quickly change the chuck Morse 3 and 4 taper holes
Drill hole diameter Φ12-Φ50mm
Variable speed mode Continuously variable speed of frequency converter
RPM 120560r/min
Stroke length 180mm
Machining feed Stepless hydraulic speed regulation
Plateclamping Clamping thickness 15100mm
Number of clamping cylinders 12
Clamping force 7.5KN
Coolant Mode Forced circulation
Electric machinery Spindle motor 5.5kW
Hydraulic pump motor 2.2kW
Chip conveyor motor 0.4kW
Cooling pump motor 0.25kW
X-axis servo motor 1.5kW×2
Y-axis servo motor 1.0kW
Machine dimensions long × wide × high About 6183×3100×2850mm
weight Machine About 5500kg
Chip removal system About 400kg
Number of control axes X. Y (point control) Z (spindle, hydraulic feed)
1.  The machine tool mainly consists of bed, gantry, drilling power head, hydraulic system, control system, centralized lubrication system, chip removal system, cooling system, quick change chuck, etc. 2. Hydraulic automatic stroke power head is a patented technology of our company. Before use, it is unnecessary to set any parameters, and automatically convert the fast forward, work in and back, and realize it through the combination of mechanical and electrical hydraulic.3. The plate is clamped by hydraulic clamp, and the operator is controlled by foot switch, which is convenient and labor-saving; Up to 3000 per piece × 2000mm, small plate can be clamped in the four corners of the workbench, which significantly shortens the production preparation period and improves the production efficiency. 4. There are two CNC axes in this machine tool: gantry movement (x axis); The movement of the drilling power head on the gantry beam (Y-axis). Each CNC axis is guided by precise linear rolling guide, driven by AC servo motor and ball screw. Flexible motion and precise positioning.5. The machine tool adopts centralized lubrication system instead of manual operation, ensuring good lubrication of functional parts, improving machine performance and prolonging machine life. 6. The drill bit cooling of the machine adopts circulating water cooling, and the universal nozzle is installed on the drilling spindle box, and the coolant is always sprayed at the drilling place of the plate. The machine is equipped with a coolant filter circulation device. The bed is equipped with a chip remover, which can automatically discharge the chip. 7. The control program adopts the upper computer programming software which is developed by our company and matched with the programmable controller.






Linear guide rail


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Hydraulic pump

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