Channel Steel CNC Punching Marking Cutting Machine

The machine is mainly used for manufacturing U Channel components for power transmission line and steel fabrication industry, punching holes and cutting to length for U Channels. Service and guarantee

Products Details

NO. Item Parameter
1 Processing U channel range 63mm*40mm*4.8mm -160mm*65mm*8.5mm (Q345)
2 Maximum punching diameter 26mm(round hole)
22*60(oval hole).
3 Punching nominal force 950KN
  Cut off nominal force 1000KN
4 Quantity of punching head per side 3
5 Maximum raw material length 12m
6 Cut off method Single blade cutting(channel)
7 Net weight Aabout 12000KGS
8 Machine dimensions 25mx7mx2.2m
1. The punching unit adopts a closed body, which is very strong. 2. The shearing unit adopts single- blade shearing and a closed body, which realizes the shearing of different channel steels by changing the shearing die. 3. The material is clamped by pneumatic clamps, moving and positioning quickly. 4. The loading bed is composed of four chains with shift blocks and a frame body. The chains are driven by a motor through a speed reducer. 5. The rotating feeder is driven by a motor through a speed reducer and a chain, which rotates and feeds the material on the horizontal feed channel into the longitudinal feed channel. 6. The discharge material channel is composed of material channel body and cylinder. The finished material is sent out of the production line by its rotation after the main machine part comes out. 7. This machine has two CNC axes: the movement and positioning of the feeding trolley, and the up and down movement and positioning of the punching unit die. 8. Computer programming is easy, and it can display the coordinate size of the material figure and the hole position, which is convenient for inspection. The use of host computer management greatly facilitates the storage and calling of programs; the display of graphics; fault diagnosis and remote communication.
NO. Name Brand Origin
1 AC servo motor Panasonic Taiwan, China
2 PLC Mitsubishi
3 Electromagnetic unloading valve ATOS/YUKEN Italy / Taiwan, China
4 Relief valve ATOS/YUKEN Taiwan, China USA
5 Electro hydraulic directional valve JUSTMARK
6 Double vane pump ALBERT
7 Converge AirTAC Taiwan, China Japan China
8 Air valve AirTAC
9 Cylinder SMC/CKD
10 Duplex SMC/CKD
11 Computer LENOVO
12 Electromagnetic unloading valve ATOS/YUKEN Italy / Taiwan, China

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