RD90A Rail Frog CNC Drilling Machine

This machine works to drill the waist holes of railway rail frogs. Carbide drills are used for high-speed drilling. While drilling, two drilling heads can work simultaneously or independently. The machining process is CNC and can realize automation and high-speed ,high-precision drilling. Service and guarantee

Products Details

Parameter name Item Parameter value
Working table Length*width 10000×1000mm
T-slot width 28mm
Spacing and number of longitudinal T-slots 140mm, 7piece
Spacing and number of transverse T-slot 600mm, 17piece
Drilling spindle Number 2
Spindle taper BT50
Maximum drilling diameter Φ50mm
Maximum drilling depth 160mm
Spindle speed (frequency conversion stepless) 502500r/min
Maximum torque of spindle (n≤600r/min) 288/350 N*m
Spindle motor power 2×18.5kW
Minimum distance from spindle center line to work surface 150mm
Rotary movement of the turntable (W axis) Rotation angle ±15°
Motor Power 2×1.5kW
Compressed air Pressure ≥0.5 Mpa
Flow ≥0.2 m3/min
Cooling system Coolant cooling 1set
Cooling method Internal cooling
Maximum coolant pressure 2 MPa
Chip removal device Chain plate chip conveyor 2 sets
Hydraulic system System  pressure 6 MPa
Hydraulic pump motor power 2.2 kW
Electrical System CNC system Siemens828D
QTY 2set 
Number of CNC axis 2×5piece
Positioning  accuracy X axis 0.15mm/total length
Y axis 0.05mm/ total length
Z axis 0.05mm/ total length






Linear guide pair


Taiwan, China


CNC system




servo motor




Hydraulic valve

Justmark or ATOS

Taiwan, China /Italy


Oil pump


Taiwan, China


Gears, racks and reducers




Precision spindle


Taiwan, China


Centralized Lubrication System



Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter. 1. Worktable A special backing plate and fixture are placed on the worktable of this machine, and the rail to be processed is placed on the special backing plate whose height has been adjusted, and then the rail is pressed tightly with a pressure plate through a T-slot. 2. Bed Between the two precision linear rolling guide pairs on the bed, a high-precision helical rack is installed and a clamping bar used by the locking mechanism is arranged. The X-axis slide plate is driven by a servo motor, precision reducer, gear, and rack. A hydraulic locking cylinder is installed on the X-axis slide plate to ensure the stability of processing. 3. Turntable The lifting table is equipped with a turntable with a rotatable angle, and the turning center of the turntable is equipped with a high-load tapered roller bearing, which is flexible and reliable in rotation. A protective cover is installed on both sides of the turntable, and a PVC soft board is installed on the outside of the protective cover, and a brush is installed at the contact point of the front end and the upper surface of the lifting platform to block iron filings. 4. Drilling power head A drilling power head is installed on the Z-axis slide plate above the turntable. The drilling head uses a spindle frequency conversion motor to drive the spindle through a synchronous belt deceleration. The drilling power head spindle uses Taiwan’s internal cooling precision spindle. Shaped spring automatic broaching mechanism, hydraulic cylinder to loosen the drilling head, it is very convenient to replace the tool handle. The spindle motor and the end of the spindle are protected by a protective cover to prevent the coolant from splashing. 5. Chip removal and cooling A chain plate type chip conveyor is arranged between the workbench and the bed on both sides. The iron chips and coolant generated during processing can be discharged into the chip box through the chip conveyor for easy cleaning. The cooling liquid flows back to the water tank at the bottom of the chip conveyor (below the chain plate). A filter device is arranged on the water tank, and the cooling liquid is recycled after being filtered. 6. Automatic lubrication system This machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication device, which can automatically lubricate all linear rolling guide pairs, ball screw pairs, rack and pinion pairs and other motion pairs to ensure the service life and machining accuracy of the machine. 7. Hydraulic system The hydraulic system mainly provides power source for X-axis locking, W-axis (rotating axis) locking, and punching cylinder. 8. Electrical system This machine is composed of two sets of Siemens 828D CNC system and Siemens servo system, etc., which are distributed on both sides of the workbench. Each set can work independently, and each set of systems has channels to control the opposite system and perform processing. program. Siemens 828D CNC system has high openness and flexibility, strong system stability and reliability. The system can carry out the secondary development of the user interface, can develop the relevant processing parameter interface for specific customers, and display in Chinese, and the operation is simple and intuitive.

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