RS25 25m CNC Rail Sawing Machine

RS25 CNC rail sawing production line is mainly used for accurate sawing and blanking of rail with maximum length of 25m, with automatic loading and unloading function. The production line reduces the labor time and labor intensity, and improves the production efficiency. Service and guarantee

Products Details

Specification of processed rail Stock rail 43Kg/m, 50Kg/m, 60Kg/m, 75Kg/m etc.
Asymmetrical section rail 60AT1, 50AT1, 60TY1, UIC33 etc.
Maximum length of rail before sawing   25000mm (It can also be used for 10m or 20m rails, with the function of measuring the length of raw materials.)
Saw length of rail   1800mm25000mm
Sawing unit Cut off mode Oblique cutting
Oblique cutting angle 18°
other electrical system Siemens 828d
Cooling mode Oil mist cooling
clamping system Vertical and horizontal clamping, hydraulic adjustable
Feeding device Number of feeding racks 7
Number of rails that can be placed 20
Maximum moving speed 8m/min
Feeding roller table Maximum conveying speed 25m / min
Blanking device Number of blanking racks 9
Number of rails that can be placed 20
Maximum speed of lateral movement 8 m / min
Drawing unit Maximum drawing speed 30 m / min
Hydraulic system   6Mpa
Electrical system   Siemens 828D
NO. Name Brand Remark
1 Linear guide pair HIWIN/PMI Taiwan, China
2 Numerical control system Siemens Germany
3 Servo motor and driver Siemens Germany
4 Upper computer LENOVO China
5 Inkjet printing system LDM China
6 Gear and rack APEX Taiwan, China
7 Precision reducer APEX Taiwan, China
8 Laser alignment device SICK Germany
9 Magnetic scale SIKO Germany
10 Hydraulic valve ATOS Italy
11 Automatic lubrication system HERG Japan
12 Main electrical components Schneider France
Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter. 1. The feeding device is composed of 7 groups of feeding frames. It is used to support the rail and pull the rail to push the rail to be processed on the feeding rack onto the feeding roller table. 2. The unloading roller table is composed of several groups, each of which is independently driven and distributed between the loading frames to support the rail and transport the rail to the sawing unit. 3. The spindle motor is connected with the reducer through the synchronous belt, and then drives the sawing rotation. The movement of the saw blade is guided by two high bearing capacity linear roller guide pairs fixed on the bed. The servo motor is driven by the synchronous belt and ball screw pair, which can realize the fast forward, work forward, fast backward and other actions of the saw blade. 4. Inkjet is fast, characters are clear, beautiful, not falling off, not fading. The maximum number of characters is 40 at a time. 5. A flat chain chip remover is installed under the bed of the sawing unit, which is a head up structure and discharges the iron chips produced by sawing into the outside iron chip box. 6. Equipped with external cooling oil mist cooling device to cool the saw blade to ensure its service life. The amount of oil mist can be adjusted. 7. The machine is equipped with automatic centralized lubrication device, which can automatically lubricate the linear guide pairs, ball screw pairs, etc. Ensure the stability of the machine.

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