PLD3030A&PLD4030 Gantry Mobile CNC Drilling Machine

CNC gantry drilling machine is mainly used for drilling large tube sheets in petrochemical, boiler, heat exchanger and other steel fabrication industries. It uses high-speed steel twist drill instead of manual marking or template drilling, which improves the machining accuracy and productivity, shortens the production cycle and can realize semi-automatic production. Service and guarantee

Products Details

Item name Parameter
PLD3030A PLD4030
Maximum machining plate size Length x Width 30003000mm 4000*3000mm
Thickness 200mm 100mm
Work table T-groove width dimension 22mm  
Drilling power head Quantity 2 1
Max drilling hole diameter Φ12mm-Φ50mm
RPM (frequency conversion) 120-450r/min
Morse taper of spindle NO. 4
Spindle motor power 27.5kW 5.5KW
Distance from lower end face of spindle to worktable 200-550mm  
Gantry longitudinal movement (X-axis) X-axis travel 3000mm  
X-axis moving speed 0-8m/min  
X-axis servo motor power 22.0kW  
X-axis positioning accuracy 0.1mm/Whole  
Lateral movement of power head (Y-axis) Maximum distance between two power heads of Y axis 3000mm  
Minimum distance between two power heads of Y axis 470mm  
Y-axis servo motor power 1.5KW
Feed motion of power head Z-axis travel 350mm
Z-axis servo motor power 2*2KW
Chip conveyor and cooling Chip conveyor motor power 0.75KW
Cooling pump motor power 0.45KW
Electrical system Total motor power About 30kW About 20kW
Overall dimensions of machine tool About 697060352990mm  
1. The maximum drilling diameter of the machine tool is 50mm, the maximum drilling plate thickness is 200mm, and the maximum plate size is 3000x3000mm. 2. The machine tool is equipped with two independent servo feed slide drilling power heads. 3. The coordinate position of the hole can be quickly positioned at the speed of 8m / min, and the auxiliary time is relatively short. 4. The spindle motor of drilling power head adopts stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, and the feed speed adopts servo stepless speed regulation, which is convenient to operate.5. After the drilling feed stroke is set, it has the automatic control function. 6. The taper hole of the spindle is Morse No. 4, and is equipped with Morse No. 4 / 3 reducer sleeve, which can install drill bits with different diameters. 7. The gantry mobile structure is adopted, the machine covers a small area and the structural layout is reasonable.8. The X-axis movement of gantry adopts high bearing capacity linear rolling guide rail pair guidance, which is flexible. 9. The machine is equipped with a spring center tool setting device, which can easily identify the position of the plate. 10. The control system adopts the upper computer programming software independently developed by our company and matched with PLC programmable controller, with a high degree of automation. 11. The machine guide rail and lead screw nut are equipped with automatic lubrication device. 12. X-axis guide rail adopts stainless steel telescopic protective cover, both sides of y-axis guide rail adopt flexible protective cover, and waterproof baffle is added around the workbench.






Linear guide rail


Taiwan, China


Servo driver




Servo motor




Programmable controller




Automatic lubrication device


USA / Japan





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