PP1213A PP1009S CNC Hydraulic High speed Punching Machine for Truck Beam

The CNC punching machine is mainly used for punching small and medium sized plates in the automobile industry, such as side member plate, chassis plate of the truck or the lorry. The plate can be punched after one-time clamping to ensure the position accuracy of the hole. It has high work efficiency and degree of automation, and it’s especially suitable for multi variety type processing of mass production, very popular machine for truck/lorry manufacture industry. Service and guarantee

Products Details

NO. Item Parameter
PP1213A PP1009S
1 Punching Force 1200KN 1000KN
2 Maximum plate size 800×3500 800×7000mm(Secondary positioning)
3 Plate thickness range 412mm 412mm
4 Punch Station Module number 13mm 9mm(top 5, bottom 4)
Maximum punch diameter φ60 φ50
5 Punch sizemm φ9φ11φ13φ15φ17φ21φ22φ30φ34φ36φ45φ50φ60 (A set of die with plate thickness of 8mm) φ9, φ11φ13φ15φ17φ21φ25φ30φ35 (including a set of die with plate thickness of 8mm)
6 Number of punches per minute 42 <42
7 Warpage extent <2mm <25
8 Number of clamps 3
9 System pressure High pressure 24MPa
Low pressure 6MPa
10 Air pressure 0.5MPa
11 Motor power of hydraulic pump 22kW
12 X-axis servo motor power 5kW
13 Y-axis servo motor power 5kW
14 Total capacity 55 kVA






CNC system

Siemens 808D



Servo motor and Servo driver

Siemens / Panasonic

Germany/ Japan


Linear motion guide


Taiwan, Japan


Ball screw






Japan /Germany


Solid state relay




Drag chain


Germany/ South Korea


Double vane pump




Hydraulic valve




Oil cooler




Oil lubrication device




Low voltage electrical components



Note: The above is our standard supplier. It's subject to be replaced by same quality components of other brand if the above supplier can't supply the components in case of any special matter.1. The machine bed of heavy load machine adopts high quality steel plate welding structure. After welding, the surface is painted, so as to improve the surface quality and antirust ability of steel plate. The welding parts of the lathe bed are heat aged to eliminate the welding stress to the maximum extent.2. The machine has two CNC axes: x-axis is the left and right movement of clamp, Y-axis is the front and rear movement of clamp, and the high rigidity CNC workbench ensures the reliability and accuracy of feeding. 3. X. Y drive shaft adopts precision ball screw to ensure transmission accuracy. 4. X and Y axes adopt precision linear guide rail, with large load, high precision, long service life of guide rail, and can keep high precision of machine for a long time.5.  The x-axis and y-axis drive motors are driven by German AC servo motors. Y-axis realizes semi-closed loop position feedback. 6. The machine is lubricated by the combination of centralized lubrication and decentralized lubrication, so that the machine is in good working condition every time. 7. The CNC Worktable of moving material directly fixed on the foundation, and the worktable is equipped with a universal conveying ball, which has the advantages of small resistance, low noise and easy maintenance. 8. The punching die position of the machine adopts double row linear arrangement, and the maximum punching diameter is 50mm. The piston of the hydraulic cylinder drives the slide block guided by two linear rolling guides to move up and down, which ensures the accurate alignment of the die and the punch, and has long service life. The selection of punching die position adopts the way of cylinder pushing and pulling cushion block, which has the advantages of fast die changing, high reliability and convenient maintenance. 9. The material is clamped by three powerful hydraulic clamps, which can move and locate quickly. The clamp can float up and down with the fluctuation of the material. The distance between the clamps can be adjusted according to the length of the clamping edge of the material.10. It has the advantages of short processing time, quick positioning, simple operation, less floor space and high production efficiency. 11. The interface of the computer is in English, which is easy for operators to master.

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