PHD3016&PHD4030 CNC High-speed Drilling Machine for Steel Plates

The machine is mainly used for drilling plate material in steel structures such as buildings, bridges and iron towers. It can also be used for drilling tube plates, baffles and circular flanges in boilers and petrochemical industries. When the H.S.S drill is used for drilling, the maximum processing thickness is 100 mm, and the thinner plates can be stacked up for drilling. This product can drill through hole, blind hole, step hole, hole end chamfer. High efficiency and high precision. Service and guarantee

Products Details

Specification name Items Specification valve
PHD3016 PHD4030
Plate dimension Material overlapping thickness Max. 100mm
Width ×length 3000*1600mm 4000*3000mm
Spindle Spindle boring BT50
Drill hole diameter Ordinary H.S.S. drill maximum Φ50mm Carbide drill maximum Φ40mm
Rotate speed 02000r/min
Travel length 350mm
Spindle frequency conversion motor power 15KW
Plate clamp Clamp thickness 15100mm
Clamp force 7.5kN
Motor Power Hydraulic pump 2.2kW
X axle servo system 2.0kW
Y axle servo system 1.5kW
Z axle servo system 2.0 KW
Chip conveyor 0.75kW
Travel range X axle 3000mm 4000mm
Y axle 1600mm 3000mm
Z axle 350mm
1. The machine tool mainly consists of bed, gantry, drilling power head, hydraulic system, control system, centralized lubrication system, cooling and chip removal system, etc. 2. The spindle adopts precision spindle with high rotation precision and good rigidity. Equipped with BT50 taper hole, it is convenient for tool change, which can be used to clamp twist drill and carbide drill. The spindle is driven by the spindle frequency conversion motor, which has a wide range of applications. The speed can be continuously variable in a large range to meet a variety of speed requirements. The thickness of cemented carbide drilling plate should not be about twice the diameter of drill bit.3. The machine can automatically process the starting and ending points of the working process through the upper computer software. It can not only drill through holes, but also drill blind holes, step holes and hole end chamfering. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high working reliability, simple structure and low maintenance cost.4. The machine adopts centralized lubrication system instead of manual operation, and regularly pumps lubricating oil into the linear guide pair slide block and ball screw pair screw nut of each part, so as to ensure good lubrication of functional parts, improve machine performance and prolong service life. 5. The machine is equipped with a flat chain chip conveyor in the middle of the bed.






Linear rolling guide pair


Taiwan, China


Ball screw


Taiwan, China


Solenoid valve


Italy / Japan


Servo motor

Siemens / Mitsubishi

Germany / Japan


Servo driver

Siemens / Mitsubishi

Germany / Japan



Siemens / Mitsubishi

Germany / Japan




Taiwan, China


Centralized lubrication


Japan / USA

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6. The cooling system has the function of internal cooling and external cooling.

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